Utilities Scotland has been established by a group of people interested in the development of public utilities in Scotland. Primarily the energy and water industries. We want to highlight the best writing on industry developments and add some comment and analysis of our own.

Most of the group work for Scottish utility organisations in the public and private sector. This site reflects our own views, so most of us will blog anonymously. We asked Dave Watson, UNISON’s Scottish Organiser to be our front person and Editor. UNISON is the largest trade union in this sector and Dave has been involved in the industry in Scotland for some twenty years.

Asking Dave to edit this site will also give a clue as to our general approach. We are mostly industry professionals with a radical, generally left of centre view of how the sector should develop. Public utilities are absolutely crucial to the economic and social fabric of Scotland and should be at the centre of public debate.

This is our modest contribution to that debate.

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  1. Norrie Gray

    Well done. Look forward to some decent news and analysis on Scottish utilities. Long overdue that someone did this.

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