Hydro flow less than expected

Another writer on energy issues always worth reading is Steven Vass, the Deputy Business Editor at the Sunday Herald.

In yesterday’s Sunday Herald he covered a report on Hydro potential to be unveiled at the British Hydropower Association conference in Glasgow tomorrow.

Carluke-based Baby Hydro modelled the hydroelectric industry for the Scottish Government in 2008. They have reduced their forecast build-out of hydro to 2020 by 30% to around 112MW. The reasons for the reduced number of projects include training, planning, grid capacity, environmental impact, land-ownership issues and revenue support funding. This is important because hydro is a proven technology capable of making a serious contribution to delivering on the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

Carl Crompton, director of hydro developer Gilkes Energy, said “The changes to the feed-in tariffs are positive and provide the certainty the industry needs. However, the feed-in tariffs provide just enough in terms of financial return and we have to work hard to keep costs down. There are also other challenges that seem to work against us. Projects are often grid-constrained and there are typically a large number of individuals or organisations which need to be consulted – planners, regulators, lawyers, consultants, landowners, investors, contractors etc.”




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