Energy policy isn’t working for industry

The TUC says today that Britain’s energy policy isn’t working for our energy intensive industries. A government-led industrial strategy is essential for companies in the heavy energy industries like steel, chemicals and ceramics if they are to succeed in the long run in our low carbon economy.

A joint report published today in the House of Commons by the TUC and the Energy Intensive Users Group, Building our low carbon industries says 800,000 people work in the UK’s energy intensive industries. Their £95bn a year output is a fifth of the UK’s manufacturing total. And unlike some major employers, these companies contribute £12 billion in corporate taxes and levies. But without Ministerial action, jobs, investment and tax revenues could be lost to overseas competitors.

For the future, the TUC would like to see:

The creation of a permanent policy advisoryforum, perhaps building on the work of the Green Economy Council.
Banking structures that invest in UK manufacturing and in green industry.
An industrial transitional strategy through to 2020 on energy costs and technology investment, including support programmes comparable to our EU competitors.

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