World Toilet Day

Today, 19 November 2012 is World Toilet Day. An opportunity to focus on sanitation: “Sanitation is a human right!”. We should we give a shit because 1.5 million children under 5 die each year from diarrhoea.

Many people do not know that water related diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera are not caused by a lack of water but by polluted water. These diseases result in millions of deaths every year, including many young children. This is all to do with a lack of sanitation. Worldwide 2.5 billion people lack access to proper sanitation and in Europe an estimated 8 million people lack access to proper sanitation. This must be addressed. Substantial investments are needed to provide sanitation services for all, but this will pay off, providing the best returns to society in terms of better health and well being for all.

For this reason is today the launch of the international “keep your promises” petition. Local, national and regional governments will be asked to report on the progress they have made on their sanitation, water and hygiene commitments they have made to ensure sanitation, water and hygiene for all citizens. Please support this petition!

Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative for implementation of the right to sanitation and water in EU law at if you haven’t’ done so yet and then also sign the petition “keep your promises” at: .

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