EU promoting water privatisation

Access to water has been declared a human right by the United Nations. In Germany, water normally belongs to the cities and municipalities.  But that could change with drastic consequences for Germany and the rest of the EU including Scotland. The intention of the European Commission, using the economic crisis in Portugal and Greece is to undermine public water provision.

Heide Rühle, a Green Party MEP says: “The concession policy does not make it directly, does not open the door directly to the privatization of water, it makes it through the back door. So it opens, one millimeter by millimeter, the possibility that private companies enter the market, so that the market is opened up and that private access to the market. ”

The experience of the Municipality of Pacos de Ferreira highlights what happens when the privatisers get their hands on this public service. Humberto Brico of the local civic movement said: “The consequences of privatization here in Pacos de Ferreira were devastating. We had a 400% price increase in a few years. And then again every year 6% price increase. This is a disaster. ”

More of this at the Monitor website and EU right to water campaign. Sign up to petition here.

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