Scottish wind farm developments

Scottish and Southern Energy is selling four windfarms for £140 million to a fund managed by Greencoat Capital. They will continue to operate and maintain the windfarms – two in Scotland and two in Northern Ireland with a total generation capacity of 79.5MW. The deal is aimed at freeing up investment as SSE has set up power purchase agreements for three of the windfarms, totalling 43.5MW.

Gregor Alexander, finance director of SSE, said: “Fundamentally, SSE owns generation capacity to meet the electricity needs of its own customers, which is why we were pleased to be able to establish new PPAs before disposing of these assets. The proceeds from these disposals will support our investment in new renewable assets in the coming financial year.”

Meanwhile, onshore windfarms owned by Scottish Power Renewables have set a new generation record. Between Friday 25 January and Thursday 31 January more than 135 GWh of electricity was generated by Scottish Power Renewables’ 28 operational onshore windfarms. The windfarms were averaging around 70 per cent capacity factor and peaking at 85 per cent during this week

Keith Anderson, CEO of Scottish Power Renewables, said: “Although wind power production will not always be this high, its value as a sustainable form of electricity generation is undeniable.”

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