Ofgem had better look out!

Utility Week has an interesting interview with Labour’s energy secretary in waiting, Caroline Flint MP.   A major target in the interview is the energy regulator Ofgem and its handling of the retail market. She said:

“One of my first questions in one of my first meetings with Ofgem reps was why is it that these massive energy companies have treated their customers so badly – whether it’s prepayment meters, doorstep selling, the complexity of the tariffs. The response I got was, ‘that’s a good point’, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘what have you been doing about it?'”

She won’t of course be the first Labour Energy Minister to have a frosty relationship with Ofgem. While Labour is proposing abolishing Ofgem, there is as yet little detail on what would replace it. What she is proposing still retains the kid on market structures. Others will argue that more radical measures are needed.

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