Scottish Water to remain in the public sector post-independence

In our look at the Scottish Water capital programme we noticed that the White Paper ‘Scotland’s Future’ was silent on the future of Scottish Water.

Our request for clarification resulted in this helpful response from the Scottish Government.

“The Water Industry in Scotland is already a devolved issue. Scottish Ministers have full policy responsibility for the Water Industry including the ownership of Scottish Water. This includes the principles that must underpin the setting of charges for customers and the improvements to services that Scottish Water must deliver. The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), Scottish Water’s economic regulator, determines the customer charges, consistent with the principles set by Ministers, necessary to fund the delivery of services to customers and the required improvements. 

Scottish Water is performing well as a publicly owned corporation; evidence of its performance is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Scottish Water is matching the levels of service provided by the companies in England and Wales whilst ensuring that the average household charge, at £339, is around £50 lower. 

Scottish Water will remain in the public sector and continue to operate in the interests of its customers, the people of Scotland.” 

In view of the controversy over the BBC and other public bodies membership of the CBI, we asked Scottish Water for their affiliations.

Both Scottish Water and Business Steam confirmed that they are not members of CBI/CBI Scotland. 

Both organisations belong to trade bodies, SCDI and various Chambers of Commerce. Perhaps the only surprise is that Business Stream is a member of the Institute of Directors. It is hard to see why a public organisation would belong to a right wing, free market group. Unless they are doing missionary work!


  1. Awesome content, thank You !!

  2. Scotland’s water is no longer a fully devolved issue – as while the Tories and the SNP distracted Scotland with a referendum – the SNP (NIcola Sturgeon personally) lodged a Legislative Consent Motion (LCM) transferring powers of Scotland’s water BACK to Westminster – in an SNP / Tory “joint objective” to create a UK wide private water market – not just at retail level but at Wholesale level too – ask NIcola – because she refuses to answer questions and refuses to explain how she and Alex Salmond can justify they won’t do deals with the Tory Party when in fact while both of them distracted us with their joint referendum – to tell us to leave the UK – the SNP and the Tories did a deal to create a UK Wide Water market (which includes Scotland’s water) – that’s the SNP and the Tories for you – tartan tory treachery that they could make Braveheart 2 about

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